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Sliding Scale Workshop with Seebie Sparklehaus and Bondage Cupcakes! Pay what you can. No fee to register, pay at the door.
Recommended amount: $20
This 90 minute workshop is for the pose-happy aerialist looking to find new transitions and the experienced aerialist ready to break their brain into new pathways. Within your existing skill set, explore and polish new ways of moving with the hoop, stylizing, using categories of movement to reinvent how you flow around the hoop.

Lyra experience, including a reliable repertoire of skills you can execute and explore within safely without a spotter / direct supervision required.
Bring a notebook, water bottle, and an idea of any moves you're looking for transitions in and out of--we will discuss how to build them. Wear your standard aerial clothing. No jewelry or lotion. If you would like to rig your own equipment for class or have particular equipment needs, arrive early so we can handle that beforehand.

Special Instructions