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Facilitated by Curt Medicine Eagle


What would you like to give birth to?

This winter solstice ceremony is a way for each of us to honor ancient tribal wisdom and the gifts of the grandmother. It is time to allow ourselves to slow down, slumber and reflect.

What challenges in our lives require transforming?

What challenges have been transformed?

What gifts have we received through our transformation?


Awaken to the reality you are supposed to birth in 2020 through this powerful ceremony of drumming chatting and shamanic rituals.


About Curt Medicine Eagle

Curt has been offering spiritual guidance, Shamanic training, healing and standards for compassionale living under his organization, Sedona Earth Wisdom. Since 2011Curt has been a practitioner, guide for SpiritQuest Retreats in Sedona, specializing in personal, groupes and family retreats. Curt is one of SpiritQuest most skilled and successful guides, offering sessions in mindfulness and Shamanic Wisdom and compassionate action.

Curt Medicine Eagle is a special and gifted teacher, mentor and healer, serving individuals and families from all walks of life. He clearly demonstrates authority and leadership in religious mysteries and the science of living with in-depth wisdom of the liberation teachings from world traditions and indigenous practice. During Medicine Eagle’s forty years of practice and teaching, he has become increasingly influenced by indigenous culture and values, specifically relating to understanding and actualizing human relationships with the elements and the kingdoms of life represented in the Medicine Wheel.By the mid-nineties, he began integrating the Medicine Wheel journey into his daily practice. Medicine Eagle makes no claim of using any traditional tribal practice. Instead, he demonstrates that we all have indigenous roots. Regardless of skin color, cultural heritage or spiritual beliefs we are all children of Grand Mother earth. She offers her wisdom and support to every human being. The practice of Earth Medicine arises from a sacred bond between individuals and earth life. Access to our Grand Mother’s Medicine is personal and Universal.

Medicine Eagle has been mentoring individuals, families and giving workshops since the late seventies. Early in 2005 Medicine Eagle was guided during a vision quest to offer a specific training about human relationships with the kingdoms of life in the Medicine Wheel. Since this vision, Medicine Eagle has been offering Shamanic training to individuals, families and groups, in Sedona, nationally and globally through Skype. Additionally, he specializes in mindfulness and meditation techniques, rites of passage for youth and young adults, performing life transformation ceremonies, couples mystic union mentoring and ceremonies, emotional release through giveaway ceremonies, energy management training, life readings, animal totem readings and dream interpretation readings. Medicine Eagle is a gifted healer through guided exercises, aura balancing and psycho-emotional clearing. The Strength in his healing work is empowering individuals with the tools necessary to continue anchoring the healing and transformational energy independently. His platform for his current offerings is Sedona Earth Wisdom.

As you begin to experience Medicine Eagle’s influence in your life, you will remember and experience being loved unconditionally, feeling supported, feeling nurtured, feeling safe. You will once again experience the wonder and magic of life. Blessings on your Journey.


Special Instructions