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Attention mamas with babies! Join us on Thursdays at 4 pm for a TummyTime!™ Method class! It’s a great way to meet other moms just like you, to help your baby’s development and more!

Christine has worked with mothers and babies for over 30 years as an RN and IBCLC.  She is excited to be offering TummyTime!™ Method classes as a way to help mothers and babies connect, move and thrive together. TummyTime!™ Method is designed to help improve your tummy time sessions.  It will help your baby learn to relax and adapt to movement and you will learn massage, stretching and baby yoga techniques for dealing with tightness and gassy tummies. 
Christine’s goal is for you and your baby to enjoy tummy time, not just endure it. Time on their tummy is an essential part of your baby’s discovery, learning and developing the strong muscles that will help them to be able to feed more efficiently, to crawl and sit up. TummyTime!™ Method classes are designed to be fun and affordable. A package of 4 sessions is recommended, and available for $49 (expires in 3 months). And, it is also possible to drop in for a class to try it out, or to arrange a private session.   Text Christine for more info.
This method was developed by Michelle Emanuel, a licensed pediatric OT who has worked with infants for over 20 years.  She has used her experience in  CranioSacral Therapy, as well as being a yoga instructor, a reflexologist and an infant massage instructor to design these classes.

Christine Lundberg RN,IBCLC has been a nurse since 1978 and a Lactation Consultant for the last 25 years of that time.  She has met thousands of babies and new moms and dads over that period and helped them to connect and become more skilled and confident with breastfeeding and being parents.

In the past few years, she has become aware of more and more babies who are having a range of difficulty with breastfeeding are being helped by exercises and techniques that help their muscles and fascia to relax and develop patterns that will help improve their sucking skills.

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