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Would you like to learn how to improve your flexibilty, increase blood flow, circulation and reduce injuries and/or pain? Join us for an educational and interactive foam rolling class where you will learn how to use this valuable rehab tool. Let us teach you how using a foam roller can be an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Taught by Dr. Blaire Bradley from Airrosti. 

First hour (11-12pm) will be Foam Rolling and the second hour Dr. Bradley and her peer will be available for physcial assessments (beginning noon) if desired. Please also RSVP using the links in the Special Instructions prior to class. 

Special Instructions

Please RSVP to Airrosti directly as well to fill out an informed consent prior to class:

For Foam Rolling (11-12pm):

And/or Physcial Assessment 10 minute sessions through the noon-1pm hour: