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Who is it for?: All Levels!
The Studio offers different 'levels' of practice but all Adult/Teen Ballet classes are beginner friendly.  These classes are for students ages 18 years and older, and students age 11-17 with permission.

Monday's and Wednesday's Ballet classes are Beginner through Advanced Beginner technique.  Remember when you are moving slowly, all your sins show!
Saturday's Ballet classes are more challenging, Advanced Beginner to Intermediate classes that incorporate more advanced vocabulary and combinations at both barre and center.

Adults and teens will find that The Studio is a safe and nurturing environment to explore the art of dance and movement. Our faculty teach every student, no matter their age or ability, with the same passion and involvement for each student's success and artistry.

The Studio teaches in accordance with the ABT National Training Curriculum, which presents technique and unaffected artistry in a systematic fashion. This approach allows the student to develop technique, strength, flexibility, and artistry in a way that is safe for their bodies.

Students can improve their body awareness and develop restorative practices through additional classes offered in Pilates, Yoga, and EBAS (Elemental Body Alignment System).