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Our Full T.R.Y. Workshop is open to all caregivers, be it at home, professionally, or for oneself. Offering techniques for both on and off the mat. Trainees will walk away with new tools and the knowledge of the science behind those tools. Only 3 of the 20-hour training are spent moving on our mats and those are optional and may be spent in observation.

  • T.R.Y. posture sequence
  • Self-regulation
  • A.C.E. ‘s and Resilience
  • Meditation
  • Psychology of trauma
  • Breathwork for trauma & resilience
  • Self-care for compassion fatigue
  • How to work with diverse groups of people
  • Total Resilience Yoga, adapting to your audience
  • Spectrum of mobility variations
  • Appropriate verbiage in class
  • Appropriate touch in class
  • Personality dynamics
  • Self-accountability
  • Setting up healthy boundaries

Joyce Bosen is the Founder and CEO of the global operation ~ T.R.Y. Trauma Recovery Yoga/Total Resilience Yoga~ This class is all about self care. 

As human beings, change, recovery and growth are constant.  This class can be proactive to help build resilience and strengthen our coping skills or support the recovery of resilience that has been compromised by long term toxic stress or a single traumatic event. 

The method is based on active self regulation techniques that you will take home with you on your very first session to use throughout your day and life. 

As well, Joyce offers positive affirmations, mantras, meditations and visualizations tools that are easy to integrate into your daily life to boost your spirit and your resolve! 

The TRY method has been proven an effective wellness resource in the recovery of 1 October survivors and 1st responders, underserved youth, self care and compassion fatigue for health care and behavioral health professionals, human trafficking survivors, over worked professionals, under appreciated heads of household, teens struggling to fit it, those suffering from addiction or behavioral health, physical or emotional trauma survivors ect.

This all levels method truly is for EVERY BODY!   TRY has received multiple awards for their work post 1 October and with title 1 schools.  Most recently Joyce was featured in a TEDx talk in L.A. for her "why" story behind the creation of this TRY method.  Please join her for a fun way to find your light!

Special Instructions