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Small Group Training is a hybrid between personal training and group exercise. This is a results-driven program designed to take you to the next level with custom design workouts built with different fitness levels in mind. 
Join Nichole as she leads you to explore and empower both your physical and mental limits while helping you reach your true athletic potential, in an environment where you can push, sweat, and discover the willpower required to transform your body. Open to all fitness levels, classes are designed to lead you to success.
This program will include a private Facebook group, information on nutrition & water intake, and a goals wall. You will receive accountability, motivation, support, experience and expert guidance to reach your fitness goals.
This program will be limited to 10 people. Space is limited so sign up early!
Small group training offers you a chance to connect with your fitness coach at a very affordable price. The Small Group classes are always different from our regularly scheduled classes - unique to each Small Group Session.

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