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The Salsa IV - advanced Series is one of Sueños de Salsa’s most popular classes featuring challenging levels of instruction. This partnerwork class features lead and follow instructors, and a new pattern every week. For students that have mastered the intermediate level, this partnerwork class is the next step in creating, practicing, and executing more complex figure variations. Veteran social dancers will be able to learn fluid figure sequences while frequently rotating partners to gain proper leading and following skills. This class is often attended by our performance team members who are looking for detailed instruction in advanced techniques.

This course addresses many major aspects of social dancing including: communication/connection, style, and spinning technique.

First, each class will utilize a turn pattern to demonstrate essential leading and following techniques necessary for non-verbal communication on the dance floor. Leaders will learn how to execute figures with the appropriate signals, timing, and momentum. Followers will learn how to respond rapidly to these signals with the appropriate body resistance and speed. The goal of this aspect of the course is to facilitate clear and seamless social dancing with a variety of dance partners.

 The turn patterns demonstrated in each class will change weekly, but the skills emphasized will remain the same. The instructors will also present variations in styling that can be used with each figure. Improvisational “choices” will be introduced to help the dancer feel more comfortable with these situations on the dance floor.

Lastly, spinning technique with a partner will be presented in detail. Technique drills will be a routine part of each class followed by a close examination of body alignment, balance, momentum, hand & arm positioning, and timing during partnerwork spins.

Overall, both leaders and followers are expected to develop a social dancing technique that is comfortable, effective, and impressive.

Students must complete three intermediate level series before requesting a test to take advanced classes. Students must have a stong understanding of our intermediate level material AND consistantly keep timing, execute clean double spins and demonstrate solid basics.

Special Instructions