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Join Lisa, Kelley, and Emily the second Saturday of every month from 1pm-2pm to deepen community, compassion, and connection through sharing the practice of yoga.

Come flow in a deeply grounding experience of yoga and breath. Through alignment-based hatha principals and foundations, we will build internal heat to the body creating a safer, stronger, deeper yoga practice. This class is designed to be accessible to all levels of practice. Expect to slow down, to flow and hold poses, to breathe and feel your body. Explore gentle ways to fully accept your own unique love of self and invite in grace through movement. As your practice grows, begin to see that your life will flow: you will strengthen your ability to remain present, to connect more deeply to your own intuition, and open up pathways to higher states of peace and clarity as you tap into your already inner flowing guidance. We will weave in how to use yoga postures, alignment, breath, and mindfulness techniques to further support and strengthen your confidence in your ability to guide yourself. Transform your daily routine and stressful life into a compassionate, healthy, relaxing life over-flowing with vitality and fulfillment!


Special Instructions

Please bring your own yoga mat.