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Bachata Sensual Intensive Workshop Weekend 02/08//2020 One hour: Ladies/Follows Styling 3 hour: Partnering for leads and follows - "Not just for YouTube dancers" Social Practica after! Bachata Sensual is a social dance, not something that is reserved for YouTube dancers, it is meant to be shared! The workshop will cover the 3 of the 4 focused principles taught by Bachata Sensual (Spain), as well as, the proper indications and preparations for leads and follows to build your confidence and understanding of Bachata Sensual. This is for Beginners and Intermediate level dancers. Charles and Marie Romero: Charles and Marie both have roots from Madrid, Spain. They are Official Bachata Sensual Instructors certified in Barcelona, Spain by the creators of Bachata Sensual, Korke y Judith of Spain. They are passionate about bringing their style to the United States. Sign up Now! $21 for Ladies Styling $61 for Couples Partnering and Social Dance. Get up to 20% off if you sign up for both before 01/31!


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