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Join us for this by donation event to benefit LoveYourBrain and help make yoga more accessible to the TBI community. 

What exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a big word being thrown around a lot these days. This workshop will break mindfulness down for you into concrete strategies including meditation, breathing, focused attention, self-awareness, and movement. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to begin or deepen your own mindfulness practice both internally and outwardly. Much of the content for this workshop is based on the work and teachings of Diana Winston and Joseph Goldstein.


Madeline Mason is a 200 RYT (Embarque Yoga Studio 2017), and is currently pursuing her 500 hour certification at The Yoga Studio. Madeline has been practicing yoga for ten years and began building a mindfulness and meditation practice about five years ago. This summer she attended a one-week silent meditation retreat at Spirit Rock in Northern California and also recently received a LoveYourBrain certification. Madeline has also received certifications by Mindful Schools and Mindful Leaders Institute of Columbia University.  Madeline also lives out and teaches these practices in her full-time job as a Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning Coach in Washington Township middle schools. 


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