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Bring positive changes to your life using a UNIQUE twist to Vision Boards!

Creating a Vision Board is a visual manifestation of the change you want to bring into your life. You deserve to live your best life. You can change your mind and change your life to live the dreams you once only imagined!

You do need to believe that real change is possible. Vision Boards are much more than the sum of their parts, more than just pictures, words, phrases and glue. Vision boards are essential tools that focus you on what’s really important in your life, clarify your true vision, enhance your inner awareness, assist you in finding the authentic you, help you move out of your day to day patterns and help you unlock the secret to an extraordinary life!

Get ready to create your vision board using a UNIQUE technique that I have created for you. I have you use your unconscious mind verses your conscious mind to choose the pictures that will go on your board. Instead of things out like a car, a boat or a stack of money you will choose pictures that you are attracted to. Then we will use a feeling process to narrow down the pictures. Once your collage of pictures are mounted on your board I will do a color analysis of your board and finally I will do an intuitive reading of your board to give you clarity for the next 60-90 days!

Vision Board classes usually last two to three hours.

Special Instructions