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The Teacher Tune-up supports those who have priorly completed a teacher training program at the 200-hour level or higher. This program is experiential learning designed for those who desire to cultivate clarity in their teaching. This continued education will develop precision, purpose, and confidence in teaching and practicing yoga. Materials covered include yogic philosophy, asana alignment, hands-on assisting, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and physiology, subtle energetic anatomy, sequencing, and instructing yoga classes. The Teacher Tune-up allows one to identify the needed areas of additional practice and study, and to participate over the course of our annual teacher training program in a highly mentored workshop setting. Up to 20 CEU's are also available on this path.

$400 PER EACH WEEKEND. Partial weekend sign ups not available.

Please email to sign up

Feb 21-23 Weekend#2- The eight limbed path, Standing poses, Hip opening poses, and balancing poses asana labs, Sequencing, Practice teaching and teaching method
Mar 20-22 Weekend #3 - Subtle Body, Back bending poses and twisting poses asana labs, Ayurveda. 
April 24-26 Weekend #4 - Kirtan, Bhakti, The Bhagavad Gita, Forward Bending asana lab, Creating the Bhav, Intro into the art of assisting. 
May 22-24 Weekend #5 - Mudras, Biz of Yoga, Private Clients, Special populations, Prenatal modifications, Inversion and arm balance asana lab.
Hours for each weekend will be as follows:
Fri 5p-9p
Sat 8a-6p
Sun 8a-4p
Sat/ Sun will include a vinyasa practice in the morning as well as a 1 hour lunch each day.

Special Instructions