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Our first Post-Oprah Meetup was a HUGE success, and by request, we will be meeting quarterly until Oprah comes to visit us again!


This is an event to go over our Oprah 2020 Vision Workbooks and receive support in reaching our goals from like-hearted friends. We will share, in a small group of 20, our workbook intentions & goals, and receive support to move through any roadblocks that may be hampering forward movement.


This event will also include: 
- Meet & Greet new like-hearted community
- Workbook Review and processing
- Learn techniques for breakthroughs
- Reinvigorate your mindset for success
- Chair Massage for participants
- Creating new supportive friendships

Special Instructions

Please feel free to register for this event if you attended Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour or the 2020 IntraAwareness Wealth & Spirituality Retreat.