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The gravity defying class will have you flying high in no time. 

Intro to bungee is a pre requisite to attend bungee fit classes.

Harnesses are adjustable but may not fit larger individuals. They are rated to hold 350lb person each but since we are all snowflakes we welcome you to try and see if you are comfortable.

We recommend padded shorts or capris to wear in the harness however it is personal preference. 

This class will be limited to 4 participants to allow the instructor time to assist each student.

It is a low impact activity that is helpful for ppl with foot, knee or other injuries or issues.

It is hard work and you will likely have a raised heart rate and feel muscle soreness the following few days depending on your level of fitness. 

Special Instructions

These classes are popular so if you sign up and are unable to attend please allow at least 4 hours ahead to cancel

we will be running periodically and on demand so if you have a group please  let us know and we will try to accomodate.