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The Virtual Power Flow class allows you to attend Power Flow classes remotely via Zoom. Preregister for the class at least 1/2 hour in advance, then you will be invited to the class by the instructor.  Make sure you already have a free Zoom ( account and the app downloaded on your computer or phone!

Power Flow Yoga is a vigorous vinyasa-style practice with dynamic movement from one posture to the next using the rhythm of each inhale and exhale.  Classes begin with flowing sun or moon salutes, connecting breath with movement to warm and invigorate the body, then continue with standing postures to build strength and balance, seated postures and backbends to release the muscles, and surrender postures to restore the mind. Core work, advanced postures, and inversions may be practiced in this class.  Modifications will be offered to make this practice accessible to multiple levels of practitioners.  Practitioners are strongly encouraged to listen to their bodies and take the practice at their own pace.

Special Instructions