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The Virtual Supple Strength Yoga class allows you to attend Supple Strength Yoga classes remotely via Zoom. Preregister for the class at least 1/2 hour in advance, then you will be invited to the class by the instructor.  Make sure you already have a free Zoom ( account and the app downloaded on your computer or phone!

Maintaining mobility within our fascia (connective tissues) is a key component of preventing and healing injuries, healthy aging, and overall well-being.  This all-levels class will help students establish fluid strength, develop a more mobile spine, fine tune balance, and create more ease within their yoga practice. We will incorporate tools for self-myofascial release, explore exercises that develop core strength and dynamic mobility, and practice static yoga postures and mindful flow, all with attention to breath and attunement to our bodies’ needs in the moment. Beginners and experienced practitioners alike will benefit from this playful approach.

Special Instructions