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The Virtual All Levels Yoga class allows you to attend All Levels Yoga classes remotely via Zoom. Preregister for the class at least 1/2 hour in advance, then you will be invited to the class by the instructor.  Make sure you already have a free Zoom ( account and the app downloaded on your computer or phone!

Suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. These classes are slower paced with a strong focus on proper alignment and breathing. Modifications and props are provided to find a place in every posture for every body. This class is perfect for practitioners of all levels who are looking for a slow-paced practice that also provides some challenge.  This class is also great for beginners who want a slow and detailed introduction to yoga.  Class will include slow flows on a one-breath-per-movement pace, standing, seated, supine, and restorative postures.

Special Instructions