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 Liquid Fire Yoga balances the body with focus on hip-openers and deep breathwork connected to rhythmic movement, usually in tune with Lokah Luv’s music.  


This practice is lighthearted and energizing.  


When you come to CPY, expect to sweat.   We run a Big Ass Fan (not our name for it, that’s the brand) during class.   We are always pumping fresh air through the room, too!  So, It's a well-ventilated space. 

You will sweat, but not because we blast heat on you. 

We educate you on yoga and how to breathe to make you sweat and how to breathe to make you cool down. 

Join us for this wonderfully balanced yoga experience! 


If you have injuries or physical limitations, we highly suggest to schedule a yoga therapy session with one of us, so we can get you on the yoga mat, safely, and on the path to feeling better!  Call us anytime, leave a message if you get our voicemail- if we don’t answer it’s because we are teaching :) 407-999-7871  


Special Instructions

Yoga Mat Rental $2

Hand Towel Rental (you will sweat)  $2