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Open your heart space and connect with your personal essence and faith while cultivating a sense of hope, and healing intent, for yourself and others.   We will begin with a Sankalpa, or personal setting of a heartfelt intention, and encourage these unspoken intentions to be held throughout the practice and given wings as we gather in closing, having faith that your Sankalpa is being manifested.

This practice will use minimal props (since we are at home) and draw from restorative and grounding practices.  We will be low and slow, connecting with the power of our breath and yielding to the pull of gravity from our beautiful mother, earth.   Participants will move through longer held poses to experience softening and deepening and there will be alternatives offered allowing greater accessibility and honoring and meeting your body where it is. 

As poses are held, participants will be immersed in sound (singing bowls, gongs, koshi chimes and more), to soothe the mind, body, and spirit – promoting relaxing, releasing of any tension or stress, and working to restore and renew oneself.

Practicing from home means you can set up your space to make it personal.   Consider setting up a diffuser with your favorite essential oils, lighting candles or incense.  Make a sacred space with photos or memories of a loved one, symbols of your faith, crystals or possibly special objects that you connect with to let this space represent what you would wish to cultivate.

Special Instructions

This class will be run through Zoom.  An email with log in information will be sent out to your registered email about a half hour in advance of class, so please be registered before that time.  The email will include ideas for minimal props and alternatives (typically found at home) to consider having on hand.   Log in at least 5-10 minutes ahead so we can set up our space to begin.  If you need more detailed instructions on using Zoom, see our online yoga page at If you are new to the online world and need help contact Lynn at: