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This online class is set in the evening so east coast participants may prepare to retire for the evening such that the end of the session can be followed by settling in to sleep.  It also allows west coast participants to join in as their weekend is winding down.

Lynn's sound immersion is meant to bring relaxation, peace, and in turn, self healing for participant's body, mind, and spirit.  We will hold space for individual and community intentions and prayer requests both offered in advance or held in the heart as we gather.  Participants and those wishing to send requests to be held in our soundscape can send their intention/prayer requests throughout the month to:

soundandsoulawakenings@gmail(dot)com  Note: email must be corrected to ".com" (just attempting to keep bot-action spam from occuring)

Requests received will be placed on small slips of paper (not read aloud), along with any offered privately by way of participants heartfelt intentions, into the large Japanese style Rin Gong/Temple Bowl.  After our preparation (brief breathwork and stretching) we will hold these requests in our hearts  and the Rin Gong/Temple bowl will be sounded as we enter into our soundscape and again as we end our time together.  Note that Lynn will also incorporate the requests into her distance Reiki practice as they are received unless the request sent specifies otherwise.

Through this session we can hold space for ourselves, loved ones, and our community.

Special Instructions