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With such an unusual time upon us - we could all use a little more connection, community and transformation! That's what this summer challenge is all about. We'll connect to ourselves and each other through a more regular yoga and meditation practice. We'll grow as a HMPY community, and even welcome new members into our family. We'll transform what we see this unusual time as to be into healthy(er) choices, solid grounding through yoga and meditation and experience a stronger body and equanimous mind.

Here's a quick break down of the program:

Each week, we have a chance to earn points toward the weekly prize drawing. The goal is 70 points minimum to be eligible for the weekly prize.

Each week's points all add up to the highest point earner of the summer winning 2 private sessions with a senior teacher.

Here's the ways you can earn points:

-Take a yoga class

-Call or Facetime a loved one

-Refer a friend

-Drink enough water for you

-Get all your servings of fruits and veggies

-Attend a workshop or special class

-Post to social media before or after class

-Purchase a HMPY Brand T-shirt or tank

We have a nifty app to help us keep track of all these points all summer. It lets us see how we're stacking up against other challenge participants. We'll also have a Facebook group where folks can chat with one another, talk through goals and challenges, as well, acknowledge and celebrate wins and accomplishments.

All you have to do, is sign up! For $20* you can join this journey. We are stronger together, when we hold each other up; challenge and encourage. Use the buttons below to go into Wellness Living and pay your program fee. Once you've registered, you'll get the information for the app. That's it! Come from you're ready now!

Special Instructions

Only staff can book you for the Summer Challenge after you've paid your Challenge fee. If you need to be registered, or have questions, please reach out. You can also call the studio - (210) 390-4386.