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Bend Not Break is 50% strength and 50% stretch. We start with aerobic movements to warm up the body and then move into exercises that build your range of motion through muscle stability, balance, and expansion. 

We suggest wearing layers of clothing so you can get warm fast and do not forget to bring your water bottle. Hydration is essential!

No experience necessary.

Props: Mat, yoga blocks, and strap recommended

1. Please reserve your spot on Wellness Living as usual.

2. To attend your booked class, please go to 10-15 minutes before your class time.

- If prompted for a password, it will always be: chillvibes
- If prompted for a meeting ID, it will always be: 512-356-2428

3. Upon accessing soFly’s Meeting Room, you will be held in a waiting room. Your instructor will review the class enrollment list and move enrolled students from the waiting room into the classroom.

4. We are allowing a 5 minute grace period for late arrivals. After the 5 minute mark no students will be moved from the waiting room into the class. Please make an effort to be 10-15 minutes early!

Special Instructions