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This session of Booty Werk focuses on twerk skills. Bam bam a double wham!
Props: Yo butt.

1. Please reserve your spot on Wellness Living as usual.

2. To attend your booked class, please go to 10-15 minutes before your class time.

- If prompted for a password, it will always be: chillvibes
- If prompted for a meeting ID, it will always be: 512-356-2428

3. Upon accessing soFly’s Meeting Room, you will be held in a waiting room. Your instructor will review the class enrollment list and move enrolled students from the waiting room into the classroom.

4. We are allowing a 5 minute grace period for late arrivals. After the 5 minute mark no students will be moved from the waiting room into the class. Please make an effort to be 10-15 minutes early!

Special Instructions