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Take half an hour out of your day to pause and turn your attention inward. Through breath awareness we’ll learn to observe how we can pause, reflect, regroup and understand our purposes before taking action. In this self examination we’ll learn to refrain from our reactive, impulsive habits and line up with values worth embodying. By pacing ourselves we’ll learn to act calmly, with wisdom. With clear understanding, we’ll know in our heart that when we take action, it’ll bring benefit to us, to those who come in contact with us, our communities and inevitably the world.
This is a discussion, meditation class, little to no movement involved. 

All welcome to join.

Special Instructions

Please log on 5 minutes prior to get your space settled an introduce yourself to us.  Please let us know a key word or phrase that will help Victoria faciltate the mediation.  All donations for this class will be forwarded to Violence In Boston, Inc.