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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Worried about things outside of your control? Restless? Fatigued? Irritable? Muscle tension? Too many balls in the air?


Anxiety and chronic stress are exhausting and very hard on the nervous system. When the stress response continuously stays activated, cortisol (a stress hormone) stays in our body, making even more difficult to relax. Not only that, but constant, high levels of cortisol are toxic to the body!  Chronic stress is related to many diseases and illnesses.

We need to give our bodies the time and attention to heal, re-set and undo the effects of our crazy lives. Slow, mindful, breath-based yoga can facilitate those changes by helping to re-train and re-balance the nervous system. Join E-RYT Ellen Dragonette and learn mind body practices that can help create more peace in your life. 4 weeks - $48


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