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This workout will include intervals of skipping and strength exerices. 

Bring your own skipping rope (or do the workout with bodyweight jumps).

You will sweat. You will burn calories. You will have a lot of fun!

Bring lots of water and get ready for an awesome jumpstart to your day.


Special Instructions

All classes will take place behind FitClub Bootcamps. Some classes will be run at the soccer field nearby, others will take place on the field or concrete pad behind the arena.

When you arrive for class, please wait in your car for the instructor to take you to the location.

Please note: The gym remains closed. This means you cannot enter the gym to grab weights, use the washroom or enter for any other reason.

Come prepared to be outdoors the entire class.

Bring your own water bottle, towel and yoga mat with you to every class. Feel free to bring your own weights with you as well (bodyweight options will be available for every class). Leave all other personal belongings in your vehicle.

Don’t forget, you must maintain physical distancing (of 6 feet or more) during your entire time with us. This includes your time in our parking lot, walking to and from class and during the workout.

Please do not bring any additional people with you to class (i.e., no children allowed).