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Discover and harness the power of your core. A strong and stable core is much more than “six pack abs”. It is the vital force that holds you steady in yoga and in life. The physical core system consists of our abdominals, lower back and our pelvis. There as many as 35 different muscle groups connecting into the pelvis from the spine and hips. All of these muscles work together symbiotically to create strength and flexibility throughout the center of your body.

Astrong and stable core:

  • Improves posture and balance
  • Reduces risk of injury 
  • Improves performance in sports and exercise 
  • Stabilize the body and protects the spine 
  • Allows greater ease with movement 
  • Helps daily activities to become easier
  • Supports the skeleton and protects the bones

 Core work in yoga is focused on smart body mechanics and building strong, balanced abdominal muscles in a healthy, wholistic way. When we maintain body awareness in our yoga poses, we train ourselves to be more intuitive about how to tap into our core power to cultivate more strength, ease, and joy on and off the mat

In this 4-week series we will look at all aspects of the core. You will learn how to work intelligently with the whole center of your body, finding the perfect balance between strength and mobility, for postural integrity, a healthy spine and relaxed mind. You'll learn about the muscles that make up the “core”, practice yoga postures with a focus on stability, learn how to stack the torso over the pelvis safely and effectively, understand the way the core supports strength throughout the entire body, and discover connections between the core and emotional/spiritual well-being. Open to all levels. Some yoga experience helpful. 4 weeks $48

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