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We invite you on a journey into the future of the world's oldest dance - ONLINE! Over the course of these 8-weeks, your teacher will passionately guide you through the basics of grounding, posture, alignment and the most core principles of Oriental dance. This is the foundation for creating a strong, independent and artistic dancer, capable of expression with confidence!

You’ll even learn about the different styles of BellyDance (yes, there’s more than one) and the music that accompanies the movements. This will help you know which style(s) of Raqs Sharqi (BellyDance) you are most interested in to learn more about on your journey through the Near East.


EDUCATION NOTE: Beginner: Defined as a dancer who is within 0-2 years of studying Raqs Sharqi (Belly Dance). This dancer is immersing herself in the rich, intricate world of Oriental dance by learning fundamental movements while being introduced to posture, layering, hand/arm technique, shimmies and eventually traveling. She is collecting basic level accessories like hip scarves, practice pants, skirts, etc. and familiarizing herself with Arab music. She is receiving guided instruction with corrections and modifications. Our Sessions are not designed to be graduated immediately upon completion, as this is a rich and beautiful art form with many nuances and subtleties. Best prepare yourself to relax and let go of all preconceptions.

$96 for 8 weeks

Special Instructions

All classes will be taught on the ZOOM platform, you will receive a link to your class after signing up.