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For all levels of yoga practitioners from beginner to advanced stages. An invigorating combination of stretch, flow, and breathing techniques offering everyone a positive start to a great morning. Connecting rhythm with postures and breath and find the flow of your own internal dance.  This vibrant practice can be considered intermeditate or advanced.  The pace is faster than Hatha yoga and postures will flow effortlessly from one movemnet to the next.  This style of yoga is often energizing and increases an overall sense od well-being.  Your strength will increase as well as flexibility, balance and JOY.

Special Instructions

Thanks for signing up for our virtual yoga practice! You will receive your class reminders 1 hour and about 5 minutes before class. We recommend to sign up for class at least 10 minutes prior and click the zoom link at least 5 minutes before start time to get settled in.


Please follow the link below to join your virtual practice. Don’t forget to put the passcode in!


Zoom link:


Passcode: thecavemn


Having technical difficulties? Please reply back to this email, we will be monitoring it prior to class.