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A fusion class combining the fun and flow of Vinyasa with the stretch and release of Yin. Class begins with dynamic flow sequences and moves mindfully towards longer held Yin postures. Yin poses are held longer in order to release through the fascia, ligaments and joints. This class brings the best of both disciplines together in one hour of self-care. Both the Yin and the Yang is necessary in life. Vin to Yin brings the balance.

Special Instructions

Thanks for signing up for our virtual yoga practice! You will receive your class reminders 1 hour and about 5 minutes before class. We recommend to sign up for class at least 10 minutes prior and click the zoom link at least 5 minutes before start time to get settled in.


Please follow the link below to join your virtual practice. Don’t forget to put the passcode in!


Zoom link:


Passcode: thecavemn


Having technical difficulties? Please reply back to this email, we will be monitoring it prior to class.