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For 5 years we have been delivering impactful, LIFE CHANGING, community-building yoga teacher training programs in the studio. Our virtual online program will be delivered with the same excellence and high standards. Our 200 hour program is unique in that it attracts both yoga practitioners who are interested in becoming powerful yoga teachers and many people who are interested in self-inquiry and truth-seeking within themselves. The tools you gain will change you in everything you do: your relationships, your work, your self-expression, AND you will leave a confident yoga teacher!

Yoga teacher training is not just for people who want to teach yoga classes. Spotted Dog Yoga exists to make transformation possible and our virtual Light Up! Teacher Empowerment Program is one of the ways that we fulfill this purpose for others.

This program is for anyone who:
-feels stuck
-is looking for a new purpose
-seeks greater confidence in every part of their life
-wants to come out of their shell and embrace their unique gifts
-longs to be a greater contribution to the community
-is ready to step up to a NEW edge and live a more vibrant life

Your teachers, Nick & Katie Clark, have nearly 20 years of combined teaching experience. They have both trained directly with Baron Baptiste, the founder of the style of yoga we teach at Spotted Dog Yoga, and continue to “walk the talk” with their dedication to ongoing continued training and education as students themselves. As a result of their training and experience, Nick & Katie are passionate and steadfast in their belief that this practice WORKS and are committed to making transformation possible for each and every program participant.

You will develop the mastery to look, listen, and give tools so that you can teach yoga to ANYBODY. You will leave the training empowered to LIVE yoga in your authentic way AND ready to be at cause for the transformation of others.


Weekend 1: September 25-27
Weekend 2: October 9-11
Weekend 3: October 23-25
Weekend 4: November 6-8
Weekend 5: November 20-22
Weekend 6: December 4-6

*Friday sessions are recorded curriculum. Saturday and Sunday sessions are held live virtually using the ZOOM platform.


Friday: Anytime (To accomodate participants in other time zones, Friday sessions are recorded curriculum. Videos will be sent out each Friday morning of training weekends and we ask that you watch the video and complete the assignments prior to our live session on Saturday morning)

Saturday: 7:30am - 6pm

Sunday: 7:00am - 7:00pm

Special Instructions