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Ever seen gymnasts vault over horses, twirl over the uneven bars, and triple back-hand spring their way across the floor? Do you have friends who can flip and do cartwheels better than they can walk? We're here to help teach you how! The Intro to Adult Gymnastics is where to start! Our Gymnastics Program caters to individuals who have never tumbled or whose previous attempts at getting airborne have ended in a face plant, as well as challenge intermediate and experienced gymnasts to get the most out of their workout. Young adults and adults who have never tried gymnastics will have a fun time learning proper gymnastics progressions. Adults will improve their strength, flexibility, and body awareness, as well as master fundamental gymnastic skills. Our Adult Gymnastics Class is especially designed for beginners so feel free to join us as soon as you’re able! The class is mixed-skill-level, with exercises scaled to the abilities of the participants. Ages 17 and older are welcome to join.

Special Instructions