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Exercise alone won't correct Scoliosis, but a thoroughly supervised exercise program can re-educate the body to properly support muscular imbalances caused by Scoliosis.
This group class is specifically designed to address problems associated with structural or acquired Scoliosis. We will focus on improving mobility, postural awareness and postural muscle strength and endurance using Pilates exercises and small props.

In this class we will use:
OPTP Pro Fitness Mat (70" x 23" x 0.5") -
14" Stability Disc -
OPTP Pro Roller Soft Density Foam Roll (36") - use the OPTP

We may also use:
TheraBands -
Mini Stability Ball -


Special Instructions

Look for an email with a link to join,10 min before the schedled start time. Please ensure the email settings in your Pilates Room account are set to receive correspondence from us.