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Class 01 - Trap & Roll - Mount [GU-1]; Leg Hook Takedown [GU-6]


Trap & Roll - In a real fight, the goal is to achieve the top position once the fight goes to the ground; the problem is that things don’t always go according to plan. Against a larger attacker, you are likely to end up on the bottom of the mount position which is the single worst place to be in a fight. From this position the top person can strike or strangle you at will and you cannot effectively strike back. The worst part about trying to escape the mount without an effective strategy is the panic you experience and the extreme exhaustion it will inevitably cause. The Trap and Roll Escape is a simple, reliable way to remove your opponent from atop of you. In this lesson you will learn three variations of the Trap and Roll starting with the Standard Variation.


Leg Hook Takedown - Your goal in any fight should be avoid dangerous punches while standing, and then can get the fight to the ground where you can more effectively control and defeat your opponent. The safest place to be in a fight, while standing, is in a clinch. From the clinch, your opponent’s striking power is almost entirely eliminated. You will see learn how to close the distance and establish the clinch in a future lesson. In this lesson, we will teach you how to take the opponent down once you have already established the clinch control.

Special Instructions