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Class 05 - Punch Block Series (Stages 1 - 4) - Guard [GU-8]; Guillotine Choke (Standing Application) [GU-23]


Punch Block Series (Stages 1 - 4) - Guard - The ideal position in a fight is the mount. If you are unable to maintain the mount, you can use your legs to wrap the opponent in a position called the guard. The guard is the “secret weapon” for any Gracie Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. From the guard, you can apply joint locks and choke holds to subdue even the largest opponent. These submissions can only be executed, however, if you survive long enough to attempt them. With an outraged opponent in your guard, it is almost certain that punches will be thrown at your face from every possible angle. The Punch Block Series will enable you to neutralize all punches and exhaust your opponent until the opportunity arises to execute a sweep or submission. The Punch Block Series is broken down into four stages which you learn individually and in combination with one another


Guillotine Choke (Standing Application) - In a street fight, your opponent will most likely try to defeat you using one of two methods: 1) knock you out while standing, or 2) tackle you and then knock you out on the ground. You have already learned how to establish the clinch if they attempt to knock you out while standing. If instead, they try to tackle you, you should resort immediately to the Guillotine Choke. In this lesson you will learn the Basic Application first, and then you will learn the two variations that you’d most likely use on the streets. 


Special Instructions