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Class 10 - Positional Control - Side Mount [GU-13]; Double Leg Takedown (Aggressive Opponent) [GU-17]

Positional Control - Side Mount - Your positional objective in every fight should be to achieve the mount. Prior to achieving the mount, you may need to resort to another very dominant position called the side mount. In this lesson you will learn how to establish the side mount and prevent the most common escape attempts that a larger opponent is likely to use, as well as how to transition to the mount position once they have exhausted all their energy.

Double Leg Takedown (Aggressive Opponent) -  The advantage of establishing an upper body clinch is that once you take your opponent down you end up in the very dominant mount position. If you think it might be difficult to establish the clinch on your opponent, the Double Leg Takedown is a great alternative. In this lesson you will learn the Basic Double Leg first, and then you will learn how to apply it against an aggressive and a conservative opponent.

Special Instructions