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Class 14 - Double Ankle Sweep - Guard [GU-20]; Guillotine Choke (Guard Pull Variation) [GU-23]

Double Ankle Sweep - Guard - Your most important task from the bottom of the guard is to avoid all knockout punches. Depending on what your opponent does from within your guard, there are many techniques you can use to reverse the position or win the fight. One situation in which your opponent is vulnerable for a sweep is when they stand up directly over you to throw punches from within the guard. The Double Ankle sweep is a premium example of how leverage and timing can overcome size and strength. In this lesson you will learn two variations of this powerful sweep.

Guillotine Choke (Guard Pull Variation) - In a street fight, your opponent will most likely try to defeat you using one of two methods: 1) knock you out while standing, or 2) tackle you and then knock you out on the ground. You have already learned how to establish the clinch if they attempt to knock you out while standing. If instead, they try to tackle you, you should resort immediately to the Guillotine Choke. In this lesson you will learn the Basic Application first, and then you will learn the two variations that you’d most likely use on the streets. 

Special Instructions