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ZUU is the foundation of all our programs in IRON ZUU. It was founded 10 years ago by Nathan Helberg in Australia and the body weight floor component in our workouts have gone on to become an internationally accredited certification taught to coaches and PT’s globally.
Our ZUU classes focus on culture by bringing people together while finding an “entry point” for ALL fitness levels to start their journey towards better health and mobility through movement. ZUU was designed by Nathan to take his overall fitness level to new heights increasing his raw functional strength, mobility and cardio conditioning. 
We accomplish this for you by constantly imposing new demands on your body and its energy systems while testing your mental capabilities. You will work to your limits with everyone around you while remaining in an inclusive environment where “finishing together” is more valuable to us than “finishing first"
Our ZUU periodised programming is the most diverse in the world, building you the most comprehensive foundation in physical and mental health.

Special Instructions