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Once a student has seen every Combatives class twice they are eligible to attend reflex development classes. These are the most important classes taught at our school. During reflex development classes, students will learn how to combine all of the Combatives techniques in every possible order. Working up to being able to react without previous warning to all of the most common forms of attack you might face in a street fight without hesitation. At the same time, we will sharpen the level of your techniques and focus on staying calm under pressure.


Today's Reflex Development class is Good Guy / Bad Guy.

The goal in any fight is to avoid dangerous punches while standing until we can get the fight to the ground where we can more effectively control and defeat our opponent.  The safest place to be in a fight, while standing, is in a clinch.  From here, your opponent’s striking power is almost entirely eliminated.

In today's class we will look at Controls, Takedowns, Submissions, and Submission Counters.