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Reformer classes are available in a group setting and limited to 5 students. The reformer is an apparatus used in pilates that offers springs and straps as resistance. This piece of equipment helps clients to focus on the stabilization needed to perform pilates exercises correctly. Reformer classes are broken down into three different levels.

Essential Reformer- For a new client or someone who is still learning the fundamentals of reformer. Someone who is still mastering to stabilize before the movement of the exercise, who is still learning proper breath pattern, and is still learning how the reformer works.

Intermediate Reformer- For an experienced client who knows all of the basic principles of pilates, who is aware of stabilization before movement, who is comfortable with how the reformer works, how to change springs, and is experienced with intermediate exercises.

Advanced Reformer- This client is very experienced in reformer, is able to perform all of the intermediate exercises properly, is extremely comfortable with all of the exercises, and also needs to confirm with Nadine that they are truly and advanced client.

Special Instructions