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This is an ongoing weekly workshop where we focus on a skill set like spinning or musicality each week. Designed for the dancer that wants to really work on their dancing and take it to that next level!

Must complete at lease one level 1 course or have equivalent experience.

Have you ever noticed the difference when two dancers are doing the same or similar moves and one looks so much better than the other? Ask yourself, "Which dancer do I want to be?".

Spins - Technique and drills to get your double and triple spins solid. We will cover a variety of spins and preps as well as great drills to help integrate them into your social dancing. Leads and follows.

Body Movement - Learn correct alignment and timing of the hips, torso, shoulders, and arms. Body rolls, booty rolls, isolations and more will be covered.

Musicality - Discover how the experts anticipate the peaks, valleys, accents and breaks in the music to totally change your game.

Walking - One of the most important yet neglected skills. Learn how to connect to the ground. How to float across the floor. How to turn a simple cross body lead into something special!

And more!

Special Instructions