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This 75-minute class is held in a gently warmed environment (80-85 degrees). It is appropriate for all levels of practice. Yin involves fewer postures than a traditional class, all quite basic (primarily seated or supine), which are held for longer periods of time (typically 1-2 minutes). Emphasis is placed on the quality of breath, remaining with a personal intention, and focusing on the present moment. Yin is more challenging mentally than physically as it requires a willingness to gently explore areas of tension and tightness, and above all, to quiet the mind. You do NOT need to be flexible to benefit from this class. With determination, dedication, and repetition, you will be amazed by the benefits of a Yin yoga practice. It will not only transform the other aspects of your yoga practice, but will benefit all the activities that you enjoy and help offset the sedentary aspect of much of our modern daily lifestyle.