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Complement your skills with our choreography classes! Learn routines that blend all aspects of pole dancing and floorwork that will add finesse and self-expression to your pole dancing style. Feel confident, empowered, and more fit with our unique choreography. Be sure to join for consecutive weeks to gain the most benefit of developing your pole dancing skills. If you are currently taking the POLE: INTERMEDIATE and/or POLE: ADVANCED classes, add on our POLE CHOREOGRAPHY classes for best results. Get stronger and more flexible in your dance movements. This is also the best time to practice mastering your dance in platform stilettos!

Attire: In addition to regular pole dance appropriate clothing and heels, leg warmers, kneepads, or pants are also recommended.

Special Instructions
If class is full, please sign up to join the waiting list. Spots open up often and you will be automatically emailed and added to class when it becomes available.
5 hour policy:
cancelling a scheduled class must be made before 5 hours of class time to avoid $10 absent fee (unlimited memberships) or losing class credits.