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Met Con Lite is a shorter, scaled down version of our Met Con X team training session. This metabolic training session is scaled to meet the needs of participants who love HIIT training but prefer a shorter, less intense workout. It's perfect for anyone starting a fitness program, recovering from injury, or who prefers the earlier time slot.

In essence, it is a fat loss and fat burning tool that will get you into tip top shape. Met Con Lite workouts move quickly and include short bouts of intense work followed by recovery periods. EPOC expenditure after a metabolic session can burn fat for up to 48 hours AFTER you stop exercising.

All sessions start with a dynamic warm up and then go into a full body workout that includes speed and agility drills, TRX Suspension training, kettlebells and sandbells, bodyweight and dumbell training and much more.

  • Class limited to 24 partcipants.

Special Instructions