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DEEP FLOW classes move with a slower, flowing pace and include a much longer floor series. The longer holds with an emphasis on hip opening poses, gives you access to release built up tension and stress.
60 minutes, 90 degrees with humidity

We no longer offer studio props. We recommend that you bring your own props which for Deep Flow could include: block(s), strap.

Special Instructions


DOORS OPEN 10 minutes before class start. If you arrive early, please form the line according to designated markings on the ground for 6' distancing. Please come READY for practice. You'll be called in to check in at the front desk one at a time and asked to head straight to your designated mat spot.

UPDATED CANCELATION POLICY: Class sizes are limited. If you do not cancel your spot in a class 12 hours or more BEFORE your scheduled class, you will forfeit your drop-in or a class off of your pass. Your account will not be credited. As an Annual Unlimited or Monthly Auto-pay Unlimited member, you will incur a $10 fee.