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Every human mind wishes for happiness. Sadly, our minds, our lives, have become so busy that we seldom know what that happiness would even look like for us. If and when we have the awareness that we could use a little peace and quiet in our lives, we have no idea of how to find it or if we do find it, we are unable to hold onto it. We have become the masters of our own "crazy monkey mind". Somewhere inside though, we are drawn to our true nature, our calm, peaceful mind. Daily we find ourselves torn between these two aspects of the mind. Meditation is one tool to close the gap between these aspects so that we can become our true nature. Every human mind can benefit from meditation. It can give us the gift of peace and quiet so that happiness may arise.

Guided meditation practice is an easy way for everyone to experience techniques to help turn off "crazy monkey mind" and connect us with our calm, peaceful "observer" mind. Drawing from various traditions, each class provides an opportunity to connect with your deeper mind and through this connection lower stress, solve problems, dissolve obstacles and increase concentration, focus and happiness. The use of different methods and traditions increases the possibility that your unique mind can find its unique way into joy. Open to all ages and experiences.

No pre-registration required. Drop in from 1-2pm  Cost is by Donation

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