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Add some cardio to your Pilates repertoir, and burn some extra calories! This 50 minute class features a warm-up period that includes deep stretching. We then take you right into 20-30 minutes of low-impact jumping combinations on the reformer, taking gravity out of the equation and protecting your joints. Positions are either on your back or side-lying, keeping your spine in optimal alignment. We incorporate props for extra stomach and arm work. The spring tension is less than gravity so whether you use the jump board or the BOSU, you almost feel like you are jumping on the moon. Because you have more hang time after your feet leave the Jumpboard you can really concentrate on your form in the air. You have more time to bring your abs in, lengthen your tailbone on the mat, melt your shoulders away from your ears, keeping the ribs buttoned and engage your thighs. We'll finish the class with additional Pilates work focusing on stretching. This is a phenomenal workout!

Special Instructions