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A "Sound Bath Meditation" is all about energy, frequency and vibrations. It is a very therapeutic form of mediation because you're literally being "bathed" in sound waves. As these sound waves wash over your body, they can move the brain from a beta into an alpha & theta brainwave state. This means that the sound vibrations help shift your brain into a calmer state and allows you the opportunity to experience a deeper meditation which can lead to profound relaxation & healing. 

Sound meditations are wonderful for all types of meditators but are especially good for beginners. If you have ever attempted to meditate, you know the second you try not to think about stuff, is when your brain decides to think about everything!

In a Sound Meditation, the tones and frequencies give your brain something to hold onto. The sounds of the singing bowls and other instruments help cut through the mental chatter and help quiet the mind down quite a bit. 

Accordign to some traditions, these specific tones are the frequencies where the 7 major energy centers (chakras) should be resonating at. Therefore, these vibrations can help the body get back into alignment and balance. 

Join us with Meditation Teacher Anthony Profetta who will use the sounds of Crystal Bowls, Hymalain Singing Bowls and other intstruments to create an environement which will help wash away your stress and fill you with inner peace and joy. Experience the opportunity to help bring healing to your mind, body & soul.

This experience is sure to leave you renewed and rejuvenated. This is one experience you do not want to miss. $20 advance/$25 at door.  Please be sure to reserve your spot as we only have limited availability. 

Special Instructions

Bring a yoga mat, water & your favorite, pillow, blanky or what it will take to make you comfortable to lay on your mat for an hour.