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Like beginners kickboxing taught on Saturday morning, Julie will start  this class with the assimption that stiudents have limited or no kickboxing experence. The goal will be to move students from a novice  skill level to a intermediate or Journeyman level over the course of the school years.  

We expect to see students at different fitness and skill levels. During the classes,  our goal is to briing coach students up to a comprable skill and fitness level.  All classes will start with basic elements: stance, punches , kicks and varried combinations.  We expect this class to build confidence, stamina, flexibility, strength and a worriors attitude that you daughter or son will carry with them as the mature and go off to college. 

Teen's who join to take the Mon.  and Wed. 3 pm class, will also be able to practice their skills in any other beginner or intermediate kickboxing boxing or functional strength class on the schedule.

Julie has been studying and teaching kickboxing for the last 8 years. 


Special Instructions